It was all about the short videos when TikTok launched. With more than 1.5 billion os downloads worldwide. One hundred twenty million active Indian users are totally about the TikTok app, which covers the full range of your age group audience. Because of this result, TikTok launched its advertisement option. It opened up the door for digital marketers as opportunities. Social Geeks is an India’s TikTok marketing company, based on Chandigarh that will allow you with the advertisement on TikTok, that will help you to reach more audience than the organic distribution. Social Geeks will give you the solution for your business with cost-effective TikTok marketing.


Why one buys twitter likes

Twitter is a social platform that is trending amongst all social networking site users. This is a place where the name and fame come very fast and an individual can be famous in a less period. To become famous on twitter, buy twitter likes. like other social sites, twitter is also playing an important role in adding reputation in the name of a user. Twitter is visited by a large number of users every day, which makes it the most visited social networking site on the internet. Some of the users are already reputed but some of them have to struggle hard to earn recognition as well as fame.

Factors behind buying twitter likes are very much important for users who are running any business or need recognition for the sake of their profession. Some of the reasons are here.

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